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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact information

If you have an accessibility question or need advice, please contact us.

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What is accessibility?

The ability to enter, approach, reach, and touch. At minimum, a person should be able to enter their own home and have use of a ground floor bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

How will The Right Space help me create an accessible home?

The Right Space has a clearly defined format. The illustrations take a person from a sidewalk, to an entry door, through hallways and doorways and into a bathroom and a kitchen.

At each point along that route, The Right Space has one or more drawings illustrating the minimum and maximum guidelines of the floor spaces and fixtures found there. In many cases, the accessible relationship between adjacent fixtures is also illustrated.

Minimum and maximum specifications

The comments, drawings, and text in The Right Space are the authorís.

The relevant minimum and maximum specifications in The Right Space come from the UNITED STATES ACCESS BOARD; A FEDERAL AGENCY COMMITTED TO ACCESSIBLE DESIGN. The boardís guidelines serve as the baseline for standards used to enforce the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and the ABA (Architectural Barriers Act).

Which building standards do I comply with when I build a new home or renovate?

There is only one answer: with new construction or renovation, always comply with your localityís building standards.

A recommendation is, with new construction or renovation, make your home as accessible as possible.

At several points within The Right Space's 236 pages, the reader is reminded that the general rule is, minimum widths and depths should be increased in size wherever space permits. Wherever possible, make maneuvering from fixture to fixture easier.

What is our return policy?

Our policy is exchange only.

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Debold-Marquez Books, LLC
528 W. Toledo Street
Chandler, Arizona 85225-4512
602 309 5169
email: contactus@trspace.com

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